The 10 most populated cities in the world (Updated)

The 10 most populated cities in the world (Updated):- Want to grasp which is the most populated largest city in the world? Here is the list of most populated cities in the world 2019. as reported by Time.

How to live the largest city in the world by the population can vary, and therefore the list will look completely different counting on if you live the metro area, urban area or city correct. Also, some countries, like China measure their town limits otherwise than the bulk.
It is maybe expected that the majority of the foremost populous cities in the world ar in the 2 most densely inhabited countries within the world, China and India.

However, Tokyo is that the largest town within the world if the complete Tokyo metro space is enclosed, with a complete of quite thirty-eight million residents. Another Japanese city, Osaka, additionally encompasses a terribly massive population of virtually 20.5 million. There also are a variety of non-Asian cities with high populations, as well as Mexico City, Cairo.

most populated cities in the world
most populated cities in the world

10. New York- United States (most populated cities)

In new york city, there are about 9-10 million people, however, the new york city metro space is home to about 18,6 million people. the city also goes by the names NYC or “The Big Apple” and “The city That never Sleeps, “and is also one in all the foremost visited cities in the world.

new-york most populated city
new-york most populated city

9. Cairo, Egypt (most populated cities)

Romanticized in movies and literature, Cairo may be a stunning place to go to for the vacations, however, it might not be the most effective place for those who are claustrophobic. about 19,128,000 folks call this townhome. Its high population also can be attributed to its several state-of-the-art universities and medical centers. The city is famous worldwide for the Giza Pyramids. There are ongoing projects though that do their best to improve the living standard, however, the population continues to grow rapidly, so there aren’t enough resources to support everyone.

cairo most populated cities
cairo most populated cities

8. Osaka, Japan (most populated cities)

With its charming corner retailers and wealthy cultural scene, Osaka has attracted several foreigners to come back and live in the gorgeous city. This has led the city to become one amongst the foremost populated cities on earth with a population of roughly 20,337,000. The city, however, has additionally been experiencing an occasional birth rate these days, which is expected to cause a decline in its population within the returning years.
This megacity is sort of simple to get around by transport, and it’s a well-developed city with a noteworthy mixture of fashionable and ancient. city is one amongst my personal favorite cities, and that i will highly suggest you go to.

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osaka most populated cities
osaka most populated cities

7. Mexico City, Mexico

The seventh-largest town within the world by population is that the capital of Mexico with quite 21.2 million residents, which additionally makes it the foremost populous city in North America. A monetary hub for Latin America, a cultural center that celebrates the trendy and also the ancient, and a city that was engineered on prime of the capital town of the Aztec empire, Tenochtitlán, is definitely a rare city with a population of around 21,157,000 people.

Mexico most populated cities
Mexico most populated cities

6. Beijing, China (most populated cities)

The capital of China is one in all the foremost populated cities within the world with over 21.2 million individuals living within the metro area.As over 1.3 billion people live within China’s borders, it’s not surprising that its capital is one in all the foremost crowded cities on earth. With a population of concerning 21,240,000 people, there is no shortage of pleasure during this city.

beijing most populated cities
beijing most populated cities

5. São Paulo, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is probably the foremost famous city in Brazil, however, Sao Paulo is that the most populous city with 21.3 million folks living there. Sao Paulo is that the most populated city in South America and plenty of scholars return here to review at one amongst the various universities.
In addition to learning, Sao Paulo is additionally renowned for its culture, nightlife, and delicious food. Sao Paulo homes an implausible array of establishments from finance to culture.

sao-paulo most populated cities
sao-paulo most populated cities

4. Mumbai, India (most populated cities)

Mumbai, also referred to as city is another megacity with over 21.4 million folks, that makes it the fourth most populous city within the world!
This Indian coastal city is known for being one in every of the most cheap major cities to measure in, and therefore the low prices of living at the side of the improved normal are attracting a lot of and a lot of folks to return to Mumbai.
There is additionally no signs of stagnation within the population growth, thus it’s quite seemingly that Mumbai can become even a lot of populated within the future. And with its total wealth reaching around US$280 billion, it actually offers outstanding opportunities.

Mumbai most populated cities
Mumbai most populated cities

3. Shanghai, China

Shanghai is known for being the economic center of China and has over 24.5 million folks living inside its metro area. Shanghai has everything you’ll be able to imagine, together with the world’s longest shopping street.

The city is typically remarked because the eastern version of new York, however within the future, the comparison may be the opposite approach around since Shanghai becomes a lot of and a lot of attractive and developed. As China’s most populated town, Shanghai is never for those bored with the hustle-and-bustle of town life.

sanghai most populated cities
sanghai most populated cities

2. Delhi, India (most populated cities)

Delhi has been named the dirtiest city within the world and for a few times, faculties and corporations had to shut down for many days once the smogginess was at its worst. it’s safe to mention that the infrastructure of the city doesn’t coup with the explosive increase that the city has seen for the last decades.

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For being the second most inhabited town within the world, the city is extremely undeveloped, even supposing it’s slowly obtaining modernized and improve the living customary for its residents.

Some consultants conjointly estimate that it’ll become the biggest city within the world by population inside the close to future. Currently, there are 26.5 million individuals living within the metro area, and it’s the world’s fastest-growing megacity.

Delhi most populated cities
Delhi most populated cities

1. Tokyo, Japan

Although its population is expected to start declining, Tokyo continues to be projected to carry the highest spot because the most populated city on earth till 2030. Modern, fashionable and jam-packed with culture, Tokyo is one among the foremost charming cities to measure however additionally the foremost tightly packed. And, in an exceedingly town of roughly 38,140,000 people, you’re absolute to have a tough time pushing through the crowds to induce to your destination.

Tokyo-city most populated cities
Tokyo-city most populated cities


Rank CityCountryPopulation (Metropolitan Area)
4Sao PauloBrazil21,066,245
6Mexico City Mexico20,998,543
8Osaka Japan20,237,645
9Cairo Egypt18,771,769
10New YorkUnited States18,593,220
13Buenos AiresArgentina15,180,176
19Rio de JaneiroBrazil12,902,306
21Los AngelesUnited States12,309,530
22Moscow Russia12,165,704
23Kinshasa Democratic Republic of Congo11,586,914

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