Garth brooks and Trisha Yearwood dish on primetime tv special and breaking facebook exclusive

Garth brooks and Trisha Yearwood dish on primetime tv special and breaking facebook exclusive garth brookstrisha yearwoodgarth brooks daughtersgarth brooks songsgarth brooks concert on tvgarth brooks wifegarth brooks gershwin awardgarth brooks net worthhow old is garth brooksstarry starry nightgershwin awards 2020make you feel my lovegarth brooks childrenricky skaggslee bricethe dancegarth and trisha livegirl crushsandy mahlgarth brooks first wifegarth brooks kidsto make you feel my lovekeb motrisha yearwood songswho is garth brooks married to:- After recently setting the internet ablaze last week with an emotional, entertaining installment of Inside Studio G, country music couple Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are headed to CBS for a new musical special.

ET’s Kevin Frazier spoke with Brooks and Yearwood via video chat recently and the pair opened up about nearly crashing Facebook with their live from-home performance last week, when more then 5.2 million users signed on to watch and essentially broke the site, momentarily.

“We didn’t know until later. We were hearing that people were getting pushed off and had to log back on, but we didn’t know what was going on in the moment,” Yearwood said, adding that the outpouring of love and support “was pretty amazing.”

“Yeah, it was pretty cool,” Brooks added.

Garth brooks and Trisha Yearwood
Garth brooks and Trisha Yearwood

Based on the unprecedented success of that episode of the Inside Studio G episode, Yearwood and Brooks were contacted by CBS to create a primetime special, Garth and Trisha Live!, to entertain a nation who have largely been social distancing and self-isolating in their homes.

During the hugely popular installment of their show, the couple also asked viewers to submit requests for songs they’d like to hear Brooks and Yearwood perform, and apparently there was no shortage of suggestions.

“Yeah, it was tough, there’s already over fifty thousand requests,” Brooks shared. “So I think the [next] show is going to be longer… I mean, [maybe] we’ll just do one note from each [song]!”

While they are moving from Facebook to CBS, Yearwood wanted to make sure fans knew what to expect.

“This is not going to be a polished network special — it’s gonna be very much like what you saw last week,” she explained. “We’re gonna throw in some different songs, but [it’ll be] just very loose and very much for the people… it’s for all of us to just be together.” Garth brooks and Trisha Yearwood

While the nation is largely on lockdown in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus outbreak across the country, Brooks and Yearwood have been hunkered down at home as well, trying to stay safe and healthy.

“I live with a guy who always sees the bright side so, I think that he might need therapy once we get through this, but he has been a really wonderful source of strength for me,” Yearwood said of her loving husband.

Brooks, meanwhile, had nothing but praise for the nation’s essential workers, medical professionals and first responders who are still putting themselves in potential jeopardy to do their part in keeping the country going.

“I think I love the whole upside-down of it all because the celebrities and the idols now are not the singers or the celebrities, the idols are the people that are in the grocery stores that are working and those doctors and nurses that are on the front lines in the hospitals,” Brooks said. “Those are the rock stars now. Love them, appreciate them, worship them. They have all of our strength in prayers.”

The pair’s musical primetime specialGarth and Trisha Live!, airs 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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Garth brooks and Trisha Yearwood
Garth brooks and Trisha Yearwood

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