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Age of Rebellion download in HD and watch online, live streaming all season and all episodes Watch now Age of Rebellion:- a group of wayward teens faces turbulent school and home lives, navigating their way through a world full of bullying, drugs, gangs, and prostitution.

Gao Hao Sheng, is a new teacher with a dark past, becoming friend and mentor to his students: Wei Jie – a notorious young bully, Fang Xiao-Fen – an underage escort, Ou Wen Zhou – a bullied teen, and delinquents Lu Yi Feng, Lin Mei Chen, Sun Ruo Lu, and Xiao Shu. As complications begin to brew outside of the school hierarchy, will these students survive?

Age of Rebellion is a dark drama that explores the lives of teenagers at the bottom of the social chain; issues of emotional vulnerability, poverty, and violence.

A group of unruly high school teenagers struggles with choosing the right path: wreaking havoc, facing bullies, and dealing with turbulent lives outside of class. Age of Rebellion download

Age of Rebellion Cast and Crew

Series Directed by 

Jui-Chih Chiang(15 episodes, 2018)
Peter Ho(15 episodes, 2018)

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Series Writing Credits  

Wei-Chieh Chang(story editor) (15 episodes, 2018)
Ching-Han Chen(story editor) (15 episodes, 2018)
Peter Ho(writer) (15 episodes, 2018)
Shu-Ching Hsieh(co-writer) (15 episodes, 2018)
Meng-Ho Lan(co-writer) (15 episodes, 2018)
Tsung-Han Lee(co-writer) (15 episodes, 2018)
Joyce Liu(writer) (15 episodes, 2018)
Yu-Hsuan Liu(story editor) (15 episodes, 2018)
Age of Rebellion download
Age of Rebellion download

Series Cast  

Peter Ho Kao Yi15 episodes, 2018 
Jeanine Ching Yang Chiang Yu-Hsin15 episodes, 2018 
Tammy Chen Lin Mei-Hua15 episodes, 2018 
Ting-hu Zhang Lu Yi-Feng15 episodes, 2018 
Zoey Lin Shu Hsiao-Tung15 episodes, 2018 
Nien-Hsuan Wu K Wang Wei-Chieh15 episodes, 2018 
Shiny Yao NiNi Fang Hsiao-Fen15 episodes, 2018 
Michael Chang Ou Wen-Chuo15 episodes, 2018 
Betty Hu Wu Chia-Hsin15 episodes, 2018 
Jia-Shuo Tu Fang Wei-Che15 episodes, 2018 
En-Feng Chen Hsu Ying-Chieh12 episodes, 2018 
Akio Chen Chen’s Dad10 episodes, 2018 
Chun-Haw Hsu Wu Cheng-Han10 episodes, 2018 
Wayne Sung Hou Cheng-Yu10 episodes, 2018 
Tiger Wang Liu Huo-Sheng10 episodes, 2018 
Angus Hsieh Lu9 episodes, 2018 
Tiffany Pan Wang Tung9 episodes, 2018 
Alex Tyler Smith Big Head Fish9 episodes, 2018 
Jason Tsou Hsueh Chih-Wen8 episodes, 2018 
Chien-Na Lee Sun Jo-Yu8 episodes, 2018 
Yi Hung Kao Hao-Sheng (youth)8 episodes, 2018 
Chieh-kai Shiou Chen Chang-Min8 episodes, 2018 
Kirby Kuo Tracy Tsui7 episodes, 2018 
Cheng-Ta Li Chen Chang-Min (youth)7 episodes, 2018 
Chance Ying Hsu Ying-Chieh (youth)7 episodes, 2018 
Pei-An Lo Ting Cheng6 episodes, 2018 
Chia-Lin Hsia Hsiao-Hui5 episodes, 2018 
Dennis Nieh Ou Yu-Cheng5 episodes, 2018 
Jung Wang A-Pei5 episodes, 2018 
Janine Chun-Ning Chang Hsu Shu-Ching4 episodes, 2018 
Dylan Kuo A-Hsiu4 episodes, 2018 
Jia-Dan Wang A-Chung4 episodes, 2018 
Tzu-Hsuan Wang Chiang Yu-Hsin (youth)4 episodes, 2018 
Andrew Chen Wei3 episodes, 2018 
Hsiao-Yuan Ha Piggy Yang3 episodes, 2018 
Eddie Shen Boyhood Kao Hao-Sheng3 episodes, 2018 
Yi-An Tseng Boyhood Hsu Ying-Chieh3 episodes, 2018 
Kyle Tu Che’s Dad3 episodes, 2018 
Hsiung Yang Lu’s Dad3 episodes, 2018 
Yi-Ting Yeh Che’s Mom3 episodes, 2018 
Man-Ning Ho NiNi’s Mother2 episodes, 2018 
Cosmos Lin Hsu Shu-Ching (youth)2 episodes, 2018 
Peggy Lin Peggy Lin2 episodes, 2018 
Kris Shen Cody2 episodes, 2018 
Shau-Ching Sung Shih Tsung-Han2 episodes, 2018 
Chin-Min Wan Hao2 episodes, 2018 
Kenji Wu Kenji Wu2 episodes, 2018 
Andy Chen Shu-Ching’s Boyfriend1 episode, 2018 
June Tsai Pan Chih-En

First episode date: 3 March 2018

Final episode date: 9 June 2018

Age of Rebellion All Season Download in HD

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